Best Practices for HostingSuccessful Webinar in 2020

You'll find out which webinar platform features are needed specifically for your project, how you can build a webinar funnel, and which marketing strategies work the best in 2020

Live broadcast

Tuesday, July, 28

1 p.m. (Berlin time)

Are you thinking of running a webinar but struggling to find a suitable webinar solution or you have a lack of understanding on how a proper webinar marketing funnel works and how to get the best results and maximum leads? Sign up to our webinar - we've got it all covered! 

What you will learn:

How businesses use webinars?

The dos and don'ts of 3 most common webinar types

Criteria you should look for in a webinar platform depending on your goals

Most common issues to experience while doing a webinar

How to build a webinar funnel to get the most results

How to communicate with your leads effectively

All you need to know about emails

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